Back to School - 7/29/18

Pastor’s Corner 07 29 2018

It’s hard to believe but the “Back-To-School” ads have already started. Where has this Summer
gone. Many might say it burned up in the Texas heat. Well, that could be but not likely. If you’ve
lived in Texas very long, you are well aware of what happens here every July and August.
With the start of a new school year upon us, it is a good time to think about what else can be
new. Here at First Christian – Mt. Pleasant, we are beginning with new activities, starting off
with catfish at David Beards. We have a new Sunday morning group gathering kicking off
Sunday, August 5 th – 9:30 AM, amply named “Donuts & Discussion”. There is a new
Wednesday night study launching August 8 th at 6:30 PM. This will be an involved examination
of the Holy Spirit (that oft forgot third Person of the Godhead).
There’s nothing wrong with “NEW”; … “NEW” can be a good thing! Put some thought to it and
we realize that “Christianity” was new 2000 years ago. This Church building was new in 1953.
March 2015, this congregation got a new pastor (some of you might be thinking; … “Well, some
things new are good, … some, not so good”).
We should ask ourselves more often: … “What is new in our life?”.
What new book are you reading?
What new words have we learned to expand our vocabulary?
What new food have we tried?
What new friend have we made?
What new witness have we effected for our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ?
In this chaotic world we live in today; … in this society of loneliness; … in this realm of pain; …
in this land of plenty but seldom shared, … in this populace of hunger, both spiritually and
physically: … have we shared the healing salve for every wound in creation, … that being the
good news of salvation trough Jesus Christ!
Every morning and evening, we look to “NEW” news on the TV. Hoping for word that our
leaders have a NEW level of comradery. NEW programs to help us all out. NEW peace
initiatives: … and how is that working for us?
If we haven’t already, something NEW we can turn to is picking up our cross and depending
upon our Savior for not only our “answers” to life but also turn to Him for our leadership!
Jesus is the ANSWER, … always was and always will be. He TRUMPS the Republicans and
Democrats along with anything that is mortal or manufactured!
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Jim