Giants - 2/24/19

GIANTS! 02 24 2019
1 Samuel 17: 26b

Here’s the background setting for the time and history leading up to this event:
We learn from the book of Ruth that the period of Israel’s history before the time
of the Kings was a very dark point. … There was no law and order. … Every man
did that which was right in their own eyes. … The nation lived and repeated a
seemingly endless cycle of wandering from God, … receiving God’s judgment, …
crying out to God, … God sending a deliver, … they would live for God as long as
the deliver was alive; … and once the deliverer died, … they would repeat the
cycle again. … This was even the theme of our sermon for February 10 th titled
Before we get to critical and say things like: … “How dense were they?” … or
“How could they not see that one coming?”, … we need to remember that often we
do the very same in our lives in dealing with sin.
If we look a bit closer, the history to this point in Israel’s life goes much further
back than just the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David. … Let’s take a brief trip back
and see where many of these problems started: … Boiling it down to the core
issue, … we see a very real illustration of the difference between God’s perfect
will and God’s permissible will. … It all started back in Genesis 29:10-21;25-
26;30-31;35. We can see in these passages that Jacob loved Rachel more than
Leah. … Rachel was his choice for a wife; … however, the more we study
Scripture, … it is Leah who God notices, … blesses, … leaves her father and his
gods (Genesis 31:19) … and eventually is the one that Jacob requests to be buried
with. (Genesis 50:31)
It is through Leah that we get the Messiah. … It is through Leah that we get King
David, God’s choice for Israel; … however, … it is through Rachel that we get
King Saul; … the common people’s choice for Israel!
After going through the cycle of lawlessness, judgment and deliverance, …
Israel had enough. … Once again, they took their eyes off God and places them
upon the other nations. … Interesting fact is; … had they obeyed God in the first
place and destroyed all the people previously occupying the promise land, …
there would have been no other nations to put their eyes on!
Seeing these other nations operate relatively peacefully under a King’s rule, …
Israel decided that they now wanted a visible king to rule over them … and no
longer be under a complete Theocracy. … God through Samuel, … warned them
that having a king would come with a cost (1 Samuel 8:6-22).

Despite the cost of having a king, … Israel still wanted to be like the other nations,
… accepted the King and the consequences that came with having one.
At this point, Samuel anoints Saul to be King in Israel. … The Bible records that
Saul stood head and shoulders above the rest. … He was a man’s man. … He was
the people’s choice to be king. … God did use Saul in some great ways; …
however, … Saul eventually went his own way and disobeyed God.
Samuel then anointed David to be the next king because he was God’s choice.
The Bible records this about David; … “a man after mine own heart.” (Acts 13:22)
… or as my translation puts it: … “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man
loyal to Me”
David did not immediately become King. … He remained faithfully tending his
father’s sheep. … He served as a musician to the Kings. … Now, … in the story of
our text, … David was sent by his father to bring supplies to his brothers who were
at war with the Philistines. … At this point, … we will now enter into this account
and see how David overcame the Giant of Goliath. … Mind you, … In the same
way, … you and I can also overcome the many giants in our lives.
* Realize the situation at hand.
Although Goliath was calling out the national of Israel, … he was really standing
against Israel’s God! … David understood this principle.
All of the trained military men and even the King, could only see the giant before
them. … They could not look past him. … Each one had heard and seen the many
miracles of their God. … I am sure the accounts of life in Egypt, … God’s
deliverance from Pharaoh, … God’s provision in the Wilderness … and all the
ways He has gone before them since, … were known by the king and these men.
But rather than looking to God for strength and help, … the soldiers were either
looking to Saul for help … or could not get their eyes off the giant that stood
before them calling them out!
Now before we get to down on these men here, … let’s take a look at what they
were looking at: …
Goliath’s height: … Bible describes him as 9 foot, 9 inches (6 cubits + 1 span)
Goliath’s armor and helmet weighed 125 pounds
The head of his spear weighed 15 pound
They were not fitting an ordinary man. … He would have been very intimidating!
No one had faced such a man in battle before! …

Since their eyes were either focused on Goliath or on Saul for help, … they had
forgotten the power of the God they served. … They had forgot how He defeated
the entire army of Pharaoh without them lifting a weapon in battle. … They forgot
how God brought the walls of Jericho down so they could walk in and take the
mighty city.
Often, … when giants come into our lives, … they cause us to take our eyes off our
God and place them on the giant. … It is no wonder we live just as a defeated life
… as these soldiers were living … when David walked onto the scene.
* Remain faithful to the task at hand.
Despite being anointed King of Israel, … David was still faithfully serving his
father by tending to the sheep. … When Jesse called him to go bring supplies to his
brothers, … he was faithful to obey his father. … Before leaving to his new
assignment, … David made sure that the sheep were taken care of by leaving them
with a keeper. (vs.20)
David understood the principle of being faithful in the little points of life, …
before God would give him bigger tasks to tackle.
* Resist going with the status quo. (vs. 23-27)
When David arrived, he could not believe that no one would put a stop to this
Philistine. … Why were the men so afraid when they served such a great God?
Why would people let God’s name be blasphemed by this Philistine? …
Today, … is not the cause of Christ … something worth giving our life for?
* Restrain our reaction to criticism (vs. 28-30)
When his brother heard this, he falsely accused David. …
We should all understand, … when everyone else is not looking to God, …
it will make them very uncomfortable to be around someone who is doing just that!
David refused to go with the flow … because David knew he served a great God
who could do the impossible!
NEVER listen to people who point out the strengths of the giants in front of us …
but forget about the even Greater God … that is with us!
Remember God’s promise: … “The LORD who rescued me from the paw of the lion
and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (Vs. 37)
His Provisions: … “he took his staff in his hand and chose five smooth stones from
the wadi and put them in the pouch, in his shepherd’s bag. Then, with his sling in
his hand, he approached the Philistine.” (Vs. 40)

Purpose: … “Today, the LORD will hand you over to me. Today, I’ll strike you
down, cut your head off, and give the corpses of the Philistine camp to the birds of
the sky and the creatures of the earth. Then all the world will know that Israel has
a God” (vs 46)
Receive God’s victory in our life!: … (Vs. 41-54) As David, with God’s hand, …
defeated Goliath, … Israel’s army routing the Philistines … and David being
brought before King Saul and recognized as the battle’s patriarch, … we also, …
can be the victor when we trust in God’s mighty strength!
To conclude: …
What giants are in our life today? … Is it the Giant of Doubt, … Fear, …
Prayerlessness, … Distress, … Sickness, … Complacency, … or one of many
Where have we been focusing our eyes? … Are we only seeing the giant … or are
we seeing our God, … who is bigger than any giant in our life?
If we are here this morning and do not have a relationship with God, …
then the biggest giant we face and must deal with … is the Giant of Sin.
Sin is what separates us from God. … As long as this giant controls our life, …
God cannot … and will not … have a relationship with us.
Possibly, … the more we try to overcome sin in our life, … the more we fail at
doing so: …
just like the army of Israel, … in their own strength, … ran and hid from Goliath.
To deal with this giant of sin, … we need someone to fight the battle for us … and
Jesus Christ is that Champion. … We can try religion, works, money …
or whatever we want … and we soon discover that none of them will defeat this
John 14:6, … Jesus pledged: … “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one
comes to the Father except through Me.”
Jesus died on the cross in our place. … He died to pay for our sins because the
“wages of sin is death”.
Jesus did not stay dead … but rather rose again the third day.
This fact means that He has defeated the Giant of Sin … and offers the victory to
all who will accept His finished work on the cross as their payment for sin.
Brothers and Sisters, … I am not sure what giants are in your life today!; …
but I can assure you, … the God you serve is much bigger than any giant you may
face. … We must get our eyes off the giants and back onto our God.

We must remain faithful to what He has given us to do. … We must resist going
with the status quo and reacting to criticism. … We must always remember God’s
promises to us, … His provisions in our life … and His purpose for our life.
When we are able to do all of this, … then we, like David, …
will be able to have great victory over the giants in our lives!