Mercy; . . . Me? - 6/24/18

Pastor’s Corner 06-24-2018

The title of this Sunday’s sermon may be a little confusing to some. It is “Mercy; … Me?”.
Am I referring to the contemporary singing group, “Mercy Me” … and just don’t know how to
put that into print?; … it is about “Mercy”?; … is it about “Me”?
Well, sometimes, I believe we all get confused about the meaning of “Mercy” and just how Jesus
Christ intends for each of us to apply that term to our life. Here’s what He had to say: … “The
merciful are blessed, for they will be shown mercy” (Matthew 5: 7).
Who will show us mercy?; … how will that affect us?; … who are we to be merciful to?; …
what’s that to me?!
Here’s what it is to us: … If we got down on our knees every night and asked, … no, begged for
God to have mercy on us and forgive all of our sins for that particular day, … we would be on
our knees for quite some time … yet we EXPECT that forgiveness from God.
Okay, … next day, … we are driving through the Walmart parking lot and see that perfect space.
As we start to approach it, … someone pulls into it in front of us causing us to have to park some
distance away. Or how about this; … we are in a restroom at a local dining establishment and go
to wash our hands. Water is all over the counter top, … used paper towels are also scattered
about and on the floor … and a soap puddle has collected under the dispenser. Another
possibility, at work, we get the “word” from a colleague that another coworker said they saw us
washing down our lunch at the local diner with a beer.
NOW what is our response to any of these situations or something similar? Did we cuss the
person that got our parking space … or do we look at the extra walk as needed exercise? …
Did we storm out of the restaurant’s bathroom and raise-a-stink about the horrendous conditions
that we had to suffer through just to wash our hands … or did we grab some extra paper towels,
wipe off the counter top, then pick up the other discarded towels and put them in the proper
receptacle, being all too aware that no public place can remain in perfect cleanliness … as long
as the public is using it and leave with the knowledge that we left it a better place for the next
person? … As far as the coworker telling stories about us, did we plot out a plan to get even …
or (assuming the accusation is false) did we sit down with that person (alone) and ask if they had
actually said this, … if so, why … and what could we do together to improve our relationship?
The point is, expecting eternal forgiveness and mercy from God, … do we extend that same
forgiveness and mercy to others in our daily lives?
So the next time the word “Mercy” comes into your mind, … simply ask our self, how do we
apply that in our day-to-day living and encounters? Are we Christ like?
“The merciful are blessed, for they will be shown mercy”
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Jim