Palm Sunday - 3/25/18

Pastor’s Corner 03 25 2018

Palm Sunday; … the day when the children usually lead off the worship service, marching down
the center aisle, holding up palm branches. It’s cute, it’s fun, it is somewhat educational, it is
even praise. We all smile and feel warm inside.
Do we dare remember that over 2000 years ago, this particular Sunday, Palm Sunday, marked
the initiation of what would also be remembered as Good Friday (an ironic term for me); … the
Friday that Jesus would be tortured, humiliated, made fun of, ridiculed … and finally His hands
nailed to a horizontal cross beam attached to a vertical beam with a spike hammered through His
feet into that post?
Is this what our mind’s eye sees when the children are coming down the aisle waving their
In the joy of the Easter season with its bunny rabbits, baskets, colorful eggs, chocolate, pretty
dresses and some young men even wearing ties for the first time crudely knotted … that Jesus
the Christ suffered more than we can even begin to comprehend … simply because He loves you
so much.
He died for you … so you can LIVE!
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Jim